Why Do We Need Protocol Protection?

Protocol security is gaining attention in the crypto world

Recently, protocol security incidents have occurred frequently, ranging from De-Fi protocols to cross-chain bridges. Users have suffered a lot in these incidents, and have started to pay more and more attention to on-chain security and protection. How to better protect crypto assets has become a major concern for users, leading us to a new future trend — building a more secure crypto world together.

Protocol security has been an urgent problem for a while

On August 2nd, Nomad, an optimistic interoperability protocol that enables secure cross-chain communication, was attacked severely. Approximately 152 Million funds were stolen from the bridge, shocking the entire crypto world.

How can Degis Protocol Protection protect protocols?

Degis protocol protection is the next-generation product that protects users from all kinds of risks, including smart contract hacks, rug pool events and even bridge attacks. To combat these risks, Degis customizes protection for each protocol to fit the needs of all users.



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Project Degis

Project Degis

The 1st DeFi insurance protocol on Avalanche https://degis.io/