Weekly Summary (November 14th)

Hi Degison! Hope you’re having a great week.

Come and check our weekly progress summary to stay tuned! After reading the summary, you can take a questionnaire and we will select 20 Degisons to win 30$DEG reward each!

Highlight of this week

-The roadmap of Phase 3 is coming!

Recently, we are drawing the roadmap for the next phase of Degis. To broadly collect everyone’s thoughts, we collected feedback from Degis team members, community members, mods, etc. We hope it can help Degis plan the next step perfectly, and everyone can participate in the construction of Degis, which will make Degis stronger and benefit everyone in the Web3 world!

Other progress

· Collaboration: a collaboration with Defrost Finance to help its users fight against risks through Protocol Protection
· Twitter Space: a Twitter Space with KaratDao to share the thoughts of Web3

What we’re doing now

Development team

· New product: the development team is continuously monitoring Protocol Protection to make sure it works smoothly for our users
· Degis website: the development team is optimizing the official website in a more user-friendly way

Marketing team

· Events: more AMAs in multi-language for everyone to have a deeper insight into Degis and our products
· Collaborations: more partnerships to cover every risk in the crypto world and make Web3 a safer place for everyone

What to expect next week

More products will be launched soon, stay tuned!

Weekly Hack Event

Cryptocurrency exchange FTX, which filed for bankruptcy Friday, is investigating whether crypto assets were stolen and has moved all its digital assets offline, it said Saturday. The assets could be worth more than $400 million, said crypto risk management firm Elliptic.

In a tweet early Saturday, FTX general counsel Ryne Miller said the company “initiated precautionary steps” and moved all its digital assets to cold storage, meaning the crypto wallet is no longer connected to the internet. This follows the announcement Friday that it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Elliptic said although the theft is unconfirmed, $473 million in crypto assets were apparently stolen from FTX.

The process was “expedited” Friday evening “to mitigate damage upon observing unauthorized transactions,” Miller said in a tweet.

Miller tweeted late Friday that FTX is “investigating abnormalities” regarding wallet movements “related to consolidation of FTX balances across exchanges.” The facts are still unclear and the company will share more information as soon as possible, he added.

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Answers of last week:

You can stake Shield into policy pool to mint protection token directly
You can stake USDC to mint Shield directly
The type of typosquatter’s URL are both of them

Winner list of last week:

AresLi | Diamond hand#9473

Congratulations! The winner rewards will be distributed in 24 hours.



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