Weekly Summary (January 23rd)

Hi Degison! Hope you’re having a great week.

Come and check our weekly progress summary to stay tuned! After reading the summary, you can take a questionnaire, and we will select 10 Degisons to win a 60$DEG reward each!

Highlight of this week

-A lot of campaigns were held to reward our loyal members! We have held a lot of campaigns to reward our loyal members, such as daily pop-up quizzes, Twitter campaigns, NFT campaigns, etc. We hope through these campaigns, our members can have fun and win some juicy rewards. It is also a chance for Degis to thank the support of our members.

Other progress

·Collaboration: collaborate with Hot Cross to hold activities to celebrate Chinese New Year

What we’re doing now

Development team

· New product: the development team is continuously monitoring Protocol Protection to make sure it works smoothly for our users
· Degis website: the development team is optimizing the official website in a more user-friendly way

Marketing team

· Events: more AMAs in multi-language for everyone to have a deeper insight into Degis and our products
· Collaborations: more partnerships to cover every risk in the crypto world and make Web3 a safer place for everyone
· Campaigns: more community campaigns will start, prepare to have fun and earn some juicy rewards

What to expect next week

More products will be launched soon, stay tuned!

Weekly Hack Event

Qubit Finance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol on BNB Smart Chain, had over $80 million worth of BNB stolen on Jan. 28 2022 in a bridge exploit.

The attacker duped the protocol’s smart contract into believing they had deposited collateral that allowed them to mint an asset representing bridged Ether.

They repeated this multiple times and borrowed multiple cryptocurrencies against the unbacked bridged ETH, draining the protocol’s funds.

Take the quiz, provide feedback and win rewards now!


Answers of last week:

EVM stands for Ethereum Virtual Machine

Protection pool LP token should be staked in the priority pool of Project A

The maximum length of insurance a user can buy is 92 days

Winner list of last week:

Dkach#8688 / @domkach

Kizzy#0748/ KizzyZiggy

Gc#1351 / @Nastyallove

There were not enough winners last week, so each of them will be rewarded 200DEG.

Congratulations! The winner rewards will be distributed in 24 hours.



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