Weekly Feedback Answering #1

It is one of our priorities to collect feedback from our community and improve our products. Today, we selected some questions regarding the community members’ concerns in the weekly summary.

  • Has Degis been audited?

Degis was audited by Certik — the leading security-focused ranking platform, a few months ago. We have corrected some of the problems together with the Certik team to make sure our project is reliable.

  • Show us where you are in your roadmap.

Degis is always happy to share our achievements with the community members. You can always check the roadmap progress on Degis website (Degis Roadmap — Degis).

  • What are the plans of the team for the new year for boosting engagements & participation in community events?

We are always trying to hold more activities to let our loyal members have fun. This year, we will hold more events to let the community members earn some rewards but keep the DEG emission low.



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