Updates on Price Protection

Until now, Degis has provided token price protection to $BTC, $AVAX, $XAVA and $JOE. In this rapidly changing market, Price Protection is a game-changing product that helps users to minimize the loss brought by high price volatility. More tokens will be protected by Degis in the future, stay tuned!

As Degis Protocol Protection will be live soon and more $DEG will be distributed as rewards to underwriters, we’ve made some changes to the Price Protection mining rate:

Total supply of $DEG per day: 4,000

Four covered tokens in total ($AVAX + $XAVA + $JOE + $BTC):

Mining at Fix Rate

  • IM mining rate: 454(base rate) + 91(veDEG boost)
  • Normal Mining rate: 379 (base rate) + 76(veDEG boost)

Enjoy juicy mining rewards while protecting your assets in every aspect!



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