Protect to Earn with Degis

Degis is the next generation all-in-one protection protocol with protect to earn feature. Users can easily protect themselves from market high volatility and smart contract risks by purchasing protection products on Degis. As the buyers of degis protocol, they can not only protect their crypto asset, but also earn at the same time.

To Protect

Degis will offer exhaustive protection to users and traders, offer a decentralized protection market and ultimately bring scalable risk management to the crypto world.

On April 1st, Degis has launched the Naughty Price Protection to protect users from the high volatility of the crypto market. 1M+ of protections have been created since the product launched.

In the near future, smart contract protection will also live on Degis. In the end of the year 2022, we will build the protection meta market to offer exhaustive protection to the whole crypto world.

From here, DeFi is protected.

Protect to Earn

As the next generation protection protocol, Protect to Earn is one of the most important concept of the platform. Degis is also the first protection protocol that features protect to earn mechanism.

Under the protect to earn mechanism, protection buyers will be able to earn profits from the buyer incentives and income sharing function.

Buyer Incentives

Every time a buyer purchases protection on our platform, some amount of the Degis Buyer Token(DBT) will be automatically airdropped to the buyer’s wallet. The DBT will be able to stake into the buyer incentives for $DEG rewards.

Check here for the detailed intro for buyer incentives:

Income sharing

Once buyers harvest $DEG, they can staked the token to get veDEG. veDEG is one of the most important token in Degis ecosysterm which can boost the LP mining yield as well as share the platform income. veDEG can be staked into the income shairng pool and share the platform income.

Check here for the detailed intro for income sharing:

Once you purchase protection in Degis Protocol, your crypto asset will be finely protected. At the same time, you will be able to earn rewards in out platform under degis unique Protect to Earn mechanism!

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