Naughty Price Tutorial

Naughty Price Protection is the inital product of Degis which will be released when Degis launch on mainnet on April 1st.

The naughty price protection aims to protect users from highly fluctuated token prices. The market is volatile all the time. Meanwhile, black swan events are also ruining people’s assets. As a result, the protection of prices is especially essential to crypto space.

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The article will introduce how to use the naughty price function to better protect your crypto asserts in detail.

There are two common ways:
- Chainlist:Visit and connect your Metamask wallet

Search ‘Avalanche C-Chain’, click ‘Add to Metamask’

Switch network to ‘Avalanche Mainnet C-Chain’

  • Custom RPC in Metamask
    Open Metamask and click to select network

Select ‘Custom RPC’

Fill in the following information:
Network Name: Avalanche C-Chain
Chain ID: 43114
Currency Symbol: AVAX
Block Explorer URL:

2.1 Enter DApp
Click “Explore” to enter Degis DApp

2.2 Dashboard

Then you will enter the dashboard which will display the basic information for the naughty price and also the mining pool. By clicking “Show”, the dashboard will display your current insurance/deposit amount.

3. Naughty Price

The Naughty Price is an innovative price volatility cover to protect your crypto assets.

During the trading period, there are 15 days for users to create/redeem protection token, buy/sell protection token in swap pool and provide/withdraw in liquidity pool. The last 5 days before the expiry date are called locking period, in which only liquidity providers can provide/withdraw their position in liquidity pools.

3.1 Select Token
Select the token you want to protect. (In the initial launch, AVAX will be the first token we cover, more tokens will come soon)

3.2 Select Protection
Select the protection within the validity period by clicking “more”

3.3 Operations(Create/Redeem/Buy/Sell/Provide)
Stake 1 USDC.e to create 1 cover.

By switching this icon, you can redeem the funds you staked when creating the cover.

After creating cover, you can sell it into the naughty price pool.

Also, you can directly buy the cover here.

To provide liquidity into the naught price pool, you need to provide both USDC.e and protection tokens.

3.4 Settle

When the expiry day comes, if the event doesn’t happen(i.e. The price of AVAX is higher than trigger price), creators can go to settle to redeem the protection tokens that you create

If the event happened(i.e. The price of AVAX is lower than trigger price): protection token holders can go to settle to claim compensation.

4.1 Naught Price Pool:

For Naughty Price pool providers, they will receive LP tokens after providing liquidity in Naughty Price Pool, which can be staked in corresponding pools to mine $DEG

4.2 Harvest
Claim your $DEG rewards by clicking harvest.

4.3 Unstaking
Switch the icon to unstake LP tokens.(Reminding: Buyer Incentive Token can not be unstaked after $DEG Rewards are distributed)

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