Introduce the Buyer Incentives Function

As we mentioned before, in Degis, all the platform participants and contributors, no matter you are buyers, sellers or providers, will be rewarded. You may wonder what is the reward for buyers?

Here we are — the buyer incentives function will live on May 1st!

What is Buyer Incentives Function?

Buyer Incentives is a function that specially designed for buyers to get rewards when they are purchasing protection products on Degis platform.

Users can get buyer incentive tokens every time they purchase protection on the platform since Degis launched on mainnet on April 1st. The amount is equal to the total USDC.e consume. , for example, if you spend $5 to buy protection, then, you will additionally get 5 Degis Buyer Tokens(DBT). DBT can be staked into the buyer incentive pool to generate $DEG reward. The generate method is as following:

In every 24 hours, the pool will generate $DEG rewards for buyer incentive token stakers according to their deposit share. Users can withdraw their DBT freely before the daily burn.
After distributing the rewards, staked DBT will be burned.

The daily $DEG supply for the buyer incentive pool is depended by the number of DBT staked in the pool, more DBT staked, the more $DEG will be generated one day:

Why Buyer Incentives?

Through this function, all of our loyal buyers will be rewarded! At the same time, we hope to build a more efficient and cyclical ecosystem by applying this unique mechanism!

Stay tuned for the upcoming May…

Buyer Incentives will be the first function that degis launch on May. More features and activities will go live on degis next month!

Stay tuned for updates!

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