Initial Matching Public Testnet Announcement

Hi Degisons,

Hope you are having a great weekend! As we mentioned last week, from May 17th, we will start the Initial Matching Public testnet! Now it’s time to introduce the details of the testnet:

The timing of the testnet is as follows:

Deposit Period: 12:00 UTC, 17th May ~ 12:00 UTC, 18th May

Trading Period: 12:00 UTC, 18th May ~ 12:00 UTC, 20th May

Locking Period: 12:00 UTC, 20th May ~ 12:00 UTC, 21th May

There will be Degis NFT rewards for the eligible users who complete all the tasks in the public testnet, the distribution details will be shown in the end of the announcement.

At the beginning of the testnet, all users will be able to claim Mock USD and Mock DEG on our testnet website.

And here are the tasks that required for this public testnet:

1. During the Deposit Period:

1.1 Stake MockUSD into the Initial Matching pool and set your expected price;

1.2 Unstake MockUSD from the USDC.e side of Initial Matching pool

1.3 Unstake MockUSD from the Naughty token side of Initial Matching pool

1.4 Repeat 1.1 and wait for the launch of the pool

2. During the Trading Period:

2.1 Stake the Initial LP tokens into the Initial LP mining pool

2.2 Unstake Initial LP tokens

2.3 Repeat 2.1

2.4 Unstake the Initial LP tokens and withdraw the liquidity consisting of MockUSD and naughty tokens

2.5 Redeem the protection tokens

2.6 Provide normal liquidity and mine in the normal pool

2.7 Buy & sell protection tokens


  1. All the participants who finished all tasks will be able to receive a credential after the testnet.
  2. Degis NFT Lucky Draws:

Addresses that meet the following conditions at the snapshot block(Will announce later)can participate in the lucky draw:

  1. Holding more than 10,000 veDEG
  2. Complete all the tasks during the IM public testnet
  3. Holding a ticket size of MockDEG. There will be a certain threshold determined after the testnet to ensure that users participate thoroughly.

Qualified addresses will be able to enter the lucky draw and win the Degis NFTs!

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