Income Sharing Tutorial

The income sharing will live on May 5th! Through this function, $DEG holders will be able to share the platform income by staking veDEG.

For detailed intro about the income sharing :

This tutorial below will introduce how to share the platform income by this function.

1. Stake $DEG to gain veDEG

$DEG can be staked for veDEG reward, veDEG can used to boost LP mining rate and also share the platform income.

Check here for the tutorial of staking $DEG to gain veDEG:

Btw, 1 staked $DEG can maximumly generate 100 veDEG, which will approximately takes 1 months to stake. But you can the maximum veDEG amount immediately if you choose to lock $DEG for one year.

2. Stake veDEG to share the platform income

Once your have veDEG in your wallet, you can stake it into the income sharing pool to share platform income. In the meantime, the veDEG staked in the income sharing pool can still boost the LP mining yields. The method is as follows:

2.1. Find the Income Sharing function under “Staking” menu:

2.2. Click “MORE” to enter the function:

2.3. You can enter the amount of veDEG that you want to stake or just simply drag the slider below, then click “STAKE” to stake your veDEG:

2.4. Once you have staked veDEG into the pool, your share in the pool will be displayed on the left top of the page, and rewards will be generated according to your share.

2.5. The rewards is in the form of USDC.e, you can claim your reward anytime by clicking “HARVEST”

2.6. You can switch the icon if you want to unstake your veDEG. Please mind that, if you want to unstake your $DEG from the veDEG generating pool, you have to unstake your veDEG from the income sharing pool.

The rewards in the income sharing pool are distributed according to your staked veDEG share in the pool, which means, the more veDEG you stake, the more platform income you can share. Have you got your veDEG ready?

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The 1st DeFi insurance protocol on Avalanche

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Project Degis

Project Degis

The 1st DeFi insurance protocol on Avalanche

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