Degis Roadmap 2022 — Building the Protection System on Avalanche

The Market Needs Insurance Desperately

In recent years, as blockchain market grows explosively, the security issues are widely concerned. When mentioning protection, auditing and insurance come into mind. Although auditing companies like Slowmist are becoming more mature, on-chain insurance seems to make little progress. As the next generation all-in-one insurance protocol, Degis is creating a new path for the insurance industry.

Testnet Competition

Degis will launch the second phase of testnet in early February which will be the full simulation of Mainnet launch. In the meantime, we will host community activity in discord during the testnet period. Everyone is welcomed to join!

Token Price Insurance

Protect users from token volatility

At initial launch, the first insurance on Degis will be Token Price Insurance. We will provide both downside and upside risk price insurance to fully protect your crypto assets.

Adopt AMM model

By adopting the AMM mechanism, the price of insurance will be totally determined by the market. At the same time, liquidity will be greatly aggregated by the AMM model.

Cover Avalanche major price risks

As the first native insurance built on Avalanche, Degis Token Price Insurance will cover Avalanche major tokens’ volatility risks to protect crypto assets.

Impermanent Loss Insurance

Protect Liquidity Providers from Impermanent Loss

Impermanent loss is another severe issue in DeFi world. Liquidity providers can suffer from impermanent loss almost every time they provide liquidity for the market. Especially in the case of extreme market environment, LPs with high level of impermanent loss risks should be protected.

Cover Avalanche major protocols

Degis impermanent loss insurance will be built on avalanche, aiming to protect liquidity providers from asset loss in swap protocols like Trader Joe, Pangolin, Platypus, and Hurricane Swap.

Smart Contract Insurance

Protect users from protocol smart contract risk

From June to September in 2022, we will establish the next generation of smart contract insurance, which will enable each DeFi project to create an insurance pool by locking its native token to provide compensation and build trust with users.

Customize pricing for users according to heterogeneous risk

Degis Smart Contract Insurance is priced according to the exact risk of each user. Also, our automatic compensation mechanism will provide the most convenient experience for insurance buyers.

Meta Market

Aggregate insurance from other protocols

The ultimate goal in 2022 is to build a one-stop insurance aggregator, which is called ‘Meta Market’. Currently, the on-chain insurance space is distracted by various protocols and has not been aggregated into one platform. This causes a lot of inconvenience for users. Meta Market will be an integrated insurance trading platform, on which users can easily purchase insurance products from every existing insurance protocol instead of searching around.

Provide insurance consulting services

Also, understanding how different insurance protocols work will be troublesome for users. Meta Market will provide insurance consulting services so that each user with different risks and requirements can be fitted with the best product.

In 2022, We will Keep Building Towards An All-in-one Insurance Market

2022 will be the year of the avalanche ecosystem explosion. Degis, as the first all-in-one insurance protocol originally built on avalanche, will keep building the avalanche insurance system, ultimately bringing impact to the whole insurance market and the DeFi world.

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