Announcing Degis <> CMT Digital

Degis is delighted to announce the addition of CMT Digital as an investor in Degis. CMT Digital is a blockchain native investment partner known for offering great strategic and community engagement value.

About CMT Digital:

CMT Digital is a division of CMT Group, focusing on crypto assert trading, blockchain tech investment, &legal/policy engagement. Established in 2013, CMT Digital supports the evolution of the digital assets space by investing in visionary teams, contributing to the development of decentralized communities, and actively participating in and researching new technologies.

About Degis:

Degis is the next-generation all-in-one protection protocol, the first on Avalanche.
Degis will offer exhaustive protection to users and traders, offer a decentralized protection market and ultimately bring scalable risk management to the crypto world.

Degis Official Links:

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The 1st DeFi insurance protocol on Avalanche

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Project Degis

Project Degis

The 1st DeFi insurance protocol on Avalanche

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